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The next few links that you will find to your left will now let you know just what kinds of things we can place into the web page that you deside to have made.
On this first page we will show you some of the many ways that you can have your page framed. On our company page we are using four frames to place the TITLE, MAIN CONTENT, BUILDER CREDITS, AND A MENU.
In a frame page, you can have as many or as few frames as you want, as long as it does not hinder the operation of the page. Two frames would do most simple pages and up to nine frames would still give you a good looking page.
You will have to keep in mind that the examples you find below can be with or without borders and that the borders can be different colors, not just gray.

2 Frames -- 5 Frames -- 9 Frames

These are just three of the styles that we can provide for your Web Page Operations.